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Flight of Memory

Things fly from my mind as vultures fly to a fresh kill.


Often you end up with something that you have to do (rather than finding what you want to do); as if the whole of life has geared you toward that piece alone. I believe it has.

Dedication and discipline come above motivation and musings.

I’d love to sleep, but my heart just isn’t in it.

A good book should be built like a tree. A main theme as a trunk, branches as developments, the leaves alike to a changing setting, the blossoms beautiful characters, and the seeds vividly presented ideas.

To the worm, the pigeon is the hawk.

We’re all living to be loved.

When the wolf whispers do not put your head in it’s mouth to hear what it has to say.

My Struggles As A Writer

The greatest struggle I face as a writer is when the tea gets cold.

Some Days

Some days it all hits you. This is my life and it’s pretty fantastic when I think about it.