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Category: Prayer

A Child

The basis for this poem is: myself and my immaturity through inexperience and ill-discipline. I hope I never have cause to right such a poem again.

Late again, he’s such a child,
Please, take away the teddy bear,
Tear the blanket from his form,
Give him armour and shield to wear,
Prepare him for the coming storm.


Faithful Love

We all face troubled times. It’s always worked best for me to turn to one only.

Keep her, O Lord,
Hold her to thy breast,
Feed her on thy word,
Bind her close in faithful love.

Take my heart, Prince,
Bring me peace through faith,
I only cope since,
Bind me close in faithful love.

From The Cup Of The Prince

A short verse this evening. Based around names from Isaiah and John, and thanks to the Lord.

I drink up the moments thou grantest me,
O, Prince of Peace, my Lord,
May rest everflow, from thy cup, so free,
O, Wonder, Living Word.

Thy Servant

King, I have asked and thou hast heard,
Thy servant calls thee by thy Word.

Though temptation coils round about,
Thou hast given the just amount.

Great thanks to thee, my saviour, Lord,
My foes have fallen by thy sword.

A Short Thankful Prayer

O God, though I fail thee daily,
Thou art by my side alway,
And though I am found wanting,
It is through Jesus Christ I pray.