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The Blessings of God

The blessings of God are still the same,
I thank the Lord he doesn’t change,
Granting all I ever need,
Gifting me, by his creed,
He lifts my soul, my mind, my all,
I owe it to him to answer the call.

Though once laying in despondency,
I looked and saw him on the tree,
Up he called me, up and fight,
From darkness, into light,
From the curses of the world around,
To the Lord, Christ, where blessings are found.


Sing, Oh My Soul, Sing

This hymn is based upon several promises found throughout the Bible, including the greatest.

The Lord is good in all things,
Oh my soul, sing, sing,
He has giv’n you Eagles wings,
Sing, oh my soul, sing!

He has made a house for me,
Oh my eyes, see, see,
God himself has brought you free,
See, oh my eyes, see!

Thou art by my side, I know,
Oh my joy, glow, glow,
Thou hast made me white as snow,
Glow, oh my joy, glow!

Gods own Son born Christmas Day,
Oh my voice, pray, pray,
Gather round about his stay,
Pray, oh my voice, pray!

Son of Man for us to die,
Oh my feet, fly, fly
Come to He who rules on high,
Fly, oh my feet, fly!

When you have giv’n all your best,
Oh my soul, rest, rest,
Only when He ends the test,
Rest, oh my soul, rest.

Thy Servant

King, I have asked and thou hast heard,
Thy servant calls thee by thy Word.

Though temptation coils round about,
Thou hast given the just amount.

Great thanks to thee, my saviour, Lord,
My foes have fallen by thy sword.

Ever Loving Care

Open my eyes,
Let me see,
How I owe,
It all to thee,
How thou held me,
In thine arms,
Far above,
Those worldy charms.

They did try to,
Snatch and tear,
Me from thy,
E’er loving care,
But who can reach,
Gods great might,
Surely none,
None have that right.

The Storm

Collaboratively written by a friend and myself.

There was great calm when it was said,
Peace and be still you troubled sea,
So with me, my worries fled,
When I called to Thee, to Thee.

My Christ’s love I do sing in Psalms,
For when he died on that green hill,
He had made the storm a calm,
So that all the waves were still.

All anxieties that linger,
I give them to your grace, your will,
And as I go down to slumber,
I see that all the waves are still.

Thou hast loved me, Lord, from old,
This is all, my one great fear,
That my faith might lose its hold,
May I know that thou art near.

‘I will be with thee’ Thou hast said,
‘Be not afraid, my chosen child’,
On these words I rest my head,
And the storm turns calm and mild.

-Andrew Davies and Jessica Hart

Saved Forever

Once forgiven, forever saved,
What a blessing bestowed to me,
A year in chains, now ever free.

Forgiven all, by what great grace?
The mercy shown by the true King,
No one else’s praise I’ll sing.

Saved, oh how, could I be saved?
Through the pure sacrifice of the Lamb,
Dust and unworthy though I am.

Life unlived, run down and squandered,
Yet He planned for ev’ry failure,
Glory be to him, our saviour.

Dark times shall always camp about,
But I know he shall leave me never,
Forgiven once and saved forever.

The Bottomless Well

He is my well of strength,
There is no other here,
He draws the bucket up,
And calls me to come near,
I say “I lack the reach”,
In a most feeble tone,
His peacefulness stays clear,
He calls me once more home.

I cry “King, I am low,
And need to be upheld.
Will thou come and help me?
Draw close into this world?”
He brings the water down,
And lifting up my head,
Drips one and two droplets,
As he has clearly said.

No one else, I can thank,
Except the One above.
Wonderful, my master,
The manifest of love.
A never ending well,
Of kindness and of grace,
He keeps me moving on,
Till I must see his face.

Dawn Is Come, There Flies The Night

When I am troubled to the depths, Oh Lord,
And become so unassured,
Take me in thy loving hand,
Grant me time alone to think,
Of where it is I stand.

The Earth that thou hast made, and dwelt upon,
Has dwindled in love too long,
I hear talk all around me,
The elders speak of endings,
Days I never thought I’d see.

Give me power and love, and a sound mind,
Let me use the gifts I find,
For thy great work, thy good fight,
This ongoing war rises,
Dawn is come, there flies the night.

Soldiers cannot rest upon their orders,
While foes are at the borders,
Casting explosives of doubt,
Amidst civilians beds,
Rise up and chase them all out.

Hymn 71

Show me great troubles and bind me closer to thy word,
Bring me down to my knees and cause me to petition the King,
Take my mind and gather it’s wasted knowledge for thy accord,
Guide me to the place I am meant for and my praise shall ring.

The Hosts of Heaven

An attempt at a hymn. It’s very short, sorry!

All the hosts of heaven,
Did they sing for me?
When as a sinner I came,
Before the cross of Calvary.

Surely they did raise high,
Voice and harp in joy,
Singing “Saviour praise be thine”,
“Thou hast saved another lost boy!”

May my praise be ever,
Given unto him,
Who bled, died, and gave me peace,
To God shall I lift praising hymns.