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The Storm

Collaboratively written by a friend and myself.

There was great calm when it was said,
Peace and be still you troubled sea,
So with me, my worries fled,
When I called to Thee, to Thee.

My Christ’s love I do sing in Psalms,
For when he died on that green hill,
He had made the storm a calm,
So that all the waves were still.

All anxieties that linger,
I give them to your grace, your will,
And as I go down to slumber,
I see that all the waves are still.

Thou hast loved me, Lord, from old,
This is all, my one great fear,
That my faith might lose its hold,
May I know that thou art near.

‘I will be with thee’ Thou hast said,
‘Be not afraid, my chosen child’,
On these words I rest my head,
And the storm turns calm and mild.

-Andrew Davies and Jessica Hart



Today’s poem is a special occasion. For the first time a friend has written a poem specifically for my blog, but they do wish to remain anonymous! If anyone else wishes to write a poem for me to post I’d be more than happy to do that and, obviously, give them credit.

Today I went to the clouds,
I floated in and out,
Comparing shapes and fluffiness,
Size and overall happiness.