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Poetry Collection Published!

It’s done! Finished! Out there! Finalised! Published! Yes!!!!

And here it is: A Travelling Man

If the link doesn’t work immediately it may be because it hasn’t been finialised in your country yet, but it shall be within the next few days.

Thank you to my regular readers, likers, commenters, and all those who have passed through my blogs in the last two years.

To the future!



The Very Last Poem

Dear friends, followers, countrymen, lend me your eyes,

This is the very last poem I’ll be posting on this blog. I’ve grown uncomfortable with the name it has. I can hardly bring myself to tell people the name of my blog when they ask, my conscience bothers me so. I’m not stopping my writing of course! My schedule will simply be moved to my new blog SmallSmilingPrincess, found here: Please do follow and leave a comment on how I could improve my blogging; whether by greater community involvement, posts that allow you and I more interaction, advice on my writing, etc.

I will only post on this blog to let people know if something big is happening in my writing career. Till then, so long and thanks for all the follows.

Best wishes,

Time has come,
Endings near,
Conscience shakes,
Goodbye’s here.
My dear friends,
Know this one,
True true line,
I’m not gone.
Missing now,
Return soon,
Holding new,
Poems’ boon.

I’m Back/Bright Mornings

It has been a long while since I posted anything at all. This is, because I took the holidays off to be with family, then I was ill, and most recently I have been starting a heavier load of work.

Now steadied and with a few ideas of where to take my blog this year, I am prepared to continue posting every week. I have also decided to split off a chunk of specifically spiritually related poems/hymns and post them on a new blog called SmallSmilingPrincess.

So, apologies to all those who have missed my posts in their reader feeds, but I’m back now! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year is proving pleasant and a great step forward in life.

Thankful for the blue above,
Also the green around,
Birds living and singing,
Blest am I to hear joyful sound.

On this bright, chilly morning,
Green trees are no longer,
The wintry sky still holds,
Beauty in silhouettes like hair.


This is just a simple thanks,
Going to the centurion ranks,
The line that follows every word,
And pretends to not be bored.

Thank you so much for finding my blog good enough to be followed. Even if you didn’t follow to read my poems, thank you. I hope each one of you finds something I say helpful, entertaining, truthful, or inspirational. I plan to go on writing solely poetry for a while, but if any of you would like to see something else let me know. Thank you once again 🙂