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Month: February, 2015

What Craftmanship

My first post of poetry that I am moving to this new blog.


When the sun climbs in your blinking eye,
When vapour rises from the river,
When beauty is presented so vividly,
In this Isle that holds only a sliver,
Of all that the World has to offer.
How can we reject what is open?
How can we push past what is clear?
How can I not try and persuade?
To ignore others’ ignorance here,
Would bring me a deep and justful curse.

Why does the rain fall upon mud,
But not near a desert that wants?
Why does the ocean rise high,
But not fall into all valleys at once?

Why does an eagle fly so well,
But a penguin swim as keenly?
Why does the lion have a pride,
But a tiger walks lonely serenely?

When moonlight awakens up the owl,
When silver stars bring calm to the horse,
When dusk dampens the spirit of daytime life,
Let us watch…

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The Very Last Poem

Dear friends, followers, countrymen, lend me your eyes,

This is the very last poem I’ll be posting on this blog. I’ve grown uncomfortable with the name it has. I can hardly bring myself to tell people the name of my blog when they ask, my conscience bothers me so. I’m not stopping my writing of course! My schedule will simply be moved to my new blog SmallSmilingPrincess, found here: Please do follow and leave a comment on how I could improve my blogging; whether by greater community involvement, posts that allow you and I more interaction, advice on my writing, etc.

I will only post on this blog to let people know if something big is happening in my writing career. Till then, so long and thanks for all the follows.

Best wishes,

Time has come,
Endings near,
Conscience shakes,
Goodbye’s here.
My dear friends,
Know this one,
True true line,
I’m not gone.
Missing now,
Return soon,
Holding new,
Poems’ boon.

Love’s Pure Beam

Bright and early,
That’s when love is seen,
Shining out its pure beam.

The Elements’ Gifts

It has been snowing quite a lot in recent days where I am, so I can’t help, but write a little about it.

Wrapped in Snow’s own winter coat,
Kissed by Frost’s blessed fairies,
Enchanted by Ice’s glistening glaze.

She Rests

She rests; beautiful girl,
Closing eyes,
Exudes rising, falling sighs.

A grumpy resting face,
A chipped ear,
Fading highlights in her hair.

Shocked by a kiss on cheek,
Gripping hand,
Settling back to her dreamland.

Few curious wriggles,
Dreaming eyes,
Kept all inside female guise.

The Fear of Loneliness

The first verse is personal. The second is a comment.

The worry of being apart:
Will I ever see you again?
Yes, we always have embraced,
But was yesterday the last?
I can’t imagine the life to be faced,
If I lost love.

Standing up when you are alone:
It cannot be done, I am sure.
Yes, it is possible to,
Carry on without one help,
But to replace it we seek many, who,
Can’t give true love.

Cast Out, Dear Boy

Fish is needed to be ate at our table,
With bread of the rising yeasts,
Cast out the line, my son,
Out towards the swimming beasts.

Keep eyes on the work in the front of you, son,
There’s time for love when you’re ole,
Cast out your heart, dear boy,
Let feeling ne’er rule your soul.

There is a world of providential beauty,
Hiding behind your shoulder,
Cast out your curse, dear boy,
Hold to that path no longer.

Never walking lonely if you choose this route,
Cared about, provided for,
Cast down your self, my son,
Give til you can give no more.