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Month: January, 2015

River Flowing, Bright Blue Growing

Dragged in by the current,
And the river flows on.
Being in here isn’t so bad,
Held up by the watery throng.
Bubbles rising from beneath,
Fish swim in aqua blue.
Crabs clamped down into the mud,
Seaweed sways without due.



I think this may be the earliest I’ve posted a poem without it being prepared beforehand! The idea rushed upon me and I had to get it down, so here it is.

Time: what a master!
Give thanks he is not head of the school,
For he grinds out his lessons,
In fervour unbound,
And drives all his students,
Straight to the ground.

Time: what a lord!
Give thanks that he is not ruling as king,
As subjects we’d tremble,
Our knees creaking low,
He’d patiently hold us,
Then let us all go.

Time: what a hunter!
Give thanks he owns no grounds for himself,
For surely he would take,
All game in his way,
Whether they do run,
Or whether they play.

Time: what a searcher!
Give thanks that he does not hold a great sight,
For if he did, then,
Oh, then he would know,
That he shall be caught too,
No more to fly and crow.

Time: what a dog!
Give thanks he is never loosed from his leash,
He is held in check,
By an arm so strong,
It can hold, and does hold,
Every thing, all the day long.

A Good Long Day

A good long day,
With joy all stirred through,
Creating a concoction of well deserved rest!

Routes Well Run

Taking a route well run,
Invites multitudes to speak,
Taking time advising,
Paths aren’t what you seek.

Give the pavement to the men who walk it well,
Render to the lords their tall, bricked spaces,
Pay the tolls you come across and flee before shadows,
Stake it all on living large and forgetting faces.

It’s a route you can take,
I have seen pastures myself,
Though I do warn against,
Unless you care for wealth.

I Want To Live

It’s a day I struggle with, because I am alone with myself a lot of the time. So, to combat feelings and thoughts I have written something uplifting to go in tandem with action.

I want to live,
To feel the breeze,
To know the names,
To hear the cries.

I want to live,
To dodge the freeze,
To view the Thames,
To scan the skies.

I want to live,
To hold her near,
To face a foe,
To grasp a dream.

I want to live,
To fight a fear,
To up and do,
To end a scheme.

Lollard Beathe and Sanda Harr

Lollard Beathe skips a merry walkway in steps a mile wide,
But keeps a distance between himself and Sanda Harr so that he can hide.

He’s a funny man that Lollard Beathe – they say of him years later – ,
Did you know that he asked her out for lunch before being blessed by pater!

Sanda Harr; what a gentle, young soul. Keeping her head on her shoulders,
Unlike her man who has no head at all! Keeping a thought in no folders.

A Child

The basis for this poem is: myself and my immaturity through inexperience and ill-discipline. I hope I never have cause to right such a poem again.

Late again, he’s such a child,
Please, take away the teddy bear,
Tear the blanket from his form,
Give him armour and shield to wear,
Prepare him for the coming storm.

Sweet Tiger

Empty stomached and hungry eyed,
Crouching low in thoughts of food,
Wishing to devour all a’spied,
The tiger pockets his measly change.

The prices of a simple cake,
The measly portion given,
Enough coin he can never make,
To take the Danish of desire.

Sulking back in his jungle home,
He takes a cupcake from the fridge,
Savaging it ceases to roam,
In search of the next victim’s sponge.

I’m Back/Bright Mornings

It has been a long while since I posted anything at all. This is, because I took the holidays off to be with family, then I was ill, and most recently I have been starting a heavier load of work.

Now steadied and with a few ideas of where to take my blog this year, I am prepared to continue posting every week. I have also decided to split off a chunk of specifically spiritually related poems/hymns and post them on a new blog called SmallSmilingPrincess.

So, apologies to all those who have missed my posts in their reader feeds, but I’m back now! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year is proving pleasant and a great step forward in life.

Thankful for the blue above,
Also the green around,
Birds living and singing,
Blest am I to hear joyful sound.

On this bright, chilly morning,
Green trees are no longer,
The wintry sky still holds,
Beauty in silhouettes like hair.