Humongous Hippopotamus Hindered By Humorous Hummingbird

by sugarcoatedprincess

Just an exercise in alliteration that I pushed a little further than originally planned.

Humongous hippopotamus hindered by humorous hummingbird the headline restlessly reads.

The humongous hippopotamus hungered hourly for a tantalising taste of a twisted twig simply structured from silver leaf.

However a hummingbird had homed itself inside each ickle inch of that tantalising twisted twig.

So, so, sadly, so was the beautiful bird blindly broken away from it’s architecturally astounding abode.

The hummingbird hissed huffily and hovered. Watching when it would waft over the animal’s absolutely awful area.

A sneaking, snickering smile smattered itself indiscriminately into the ill-fated face of the fearless feathered plotter.

As the hippopotamus headed homeward hungry still, the hummingbird hit his head with a waterdroplet which was close to wing.

Humongous as the hippopotamus was the hummingbird was high out of reasonable reach of relatively restricted arms.

But the bird blew it’s benefit as it swooped so low singing a song of good glory and gloating greatly.

In such a swift silencing sentence the hippopotamus hit the hindering hummingbird sending said bird soaring skywards.