The Snake and The Frog

by sugarcoatedprincess

I enjoyed writing How The Fir Tree Came To Be so much that I decided to have another pop at a similar style, but this time it’s become more Aesop’s Fables than Rudyard Kipling. In fact, it started off as a short story influenced slightly by Brer Rabbit.

If you enjoy these longer, more in depth poems and the detail I write as an introduction, then please let me know in the comments. I appreciate every ones input 🙂

The sun was bright,
And struck the tree,
From where our tale hails,

“Why, Mr Frog, what does bring you here?”
Purred Sir the Snake with a hunger drenched voice.
“Oh, Sir Snake!” Cried Fitch the Frog,
“Why should you make such a choice!”

“For if I were eaten by your good self,
All your unshed skins would be found,
Curled at the bottom of your sleeping shelf!”

Stopping mid slide, an expression came on Sir’s snout,
(Untried before this time) as was seen by Fitch.
“You are confused, Sir?” He questioned,
“I am.” Sir replied with a twitch.

“Do you not see my yellow banding?
Do you not see my green topped head?
Of poisons, these are a sign and branding.”

Sir the Snake coiled to an upright position.
“Tell me more, educated friend.” Spoke he,
Fitch replied: “A bright colouring,
Can show a poison, or be sneaky.”

So Fitch explained in deep details,
His personal life defences,
And what it – having no poison – entails.

Grinning from one unlatched jaw to the other,
Sir the Snake thanked Fitch the Frog greatly.
“My dear dinner, what a kind thing.
It has been such a nightmare lately.”

The Frog was eaten in seconds,
Sir slithered stage left soon after,
As another foolish meal has beckoned.

Take this lesson,
Learn it well,
Know your enemies,
But do never tell.