I’m Back/Bright Mornings

by sugarcoatedprincess

It has been a long while since I posted anything at all. This is, because I took the holidays off to be with family, then I was ill, and most recently I have been starting a heavier load of work.

Now steadied and with a few ideas of where to take my blog this year, I am prepared to continue posting every week. I have also decided to split off a chunk of specifically spiritually related poems/hymns and post them on a new blog called SmallSmilingPrincess.

So, apologies to all those who have missed my posts in their reader feeds, but I’m back now! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year is proving pleasant and a great step forward in life.

Thankful for the blue above,
Also the green around,
Birds living and singing,
Blest am I to hear joyful sound.

On this bright, chilly morning,
Green trees are no longer,
The wintry sky still holds,
Beauty in silhouettes like hair.