A Beautiful Birthday

by sugarcoatedprincess

Yesterday was a day of some stress and work, so I didn’t get to post this poem on time.
Wednesday was the birthday of someone very dear to me, so this is dedicated to the love of my life.

It’s been slowly getting closer,
Drawing ever so near,
The biggest build up to a birthday,
That we’ve had so far this year,
Buy the prettiest jewel you can get,
It’ll be the best one yet.

The chill in the air roses her cheeks,
As we skate round the rink,
Happiness radiates out from her smile,
By more than arms we are linked,
She’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met,
It’s certain to be the best one yet.

The twinkling magic all around us,
The beauty of the park,
Joyous laughter dancing together,
This day has beautifully left its mark,
And you can surely bet,
It’s been the best one yet.