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Month: December, 2014

The Blessings of God

The blessings of God are still the same,
I thank the Lord he doesn’t change,
Granting all I ever need,
Gifting me, by his creed,
He lifts my soul, my mind, my all,
I owe it to him to answer the call.

Though once laying in despondency,
I looked and saw him on the tree,
Up he called me, up and fight,
From darkness, into light,
From the curses of the world around,
To the Lord, Christ, where blessings are found.


The Ancient of Days

God is eternal good,
He is the Ancient of Days,
Yet never decays,
Nor waxes older,
Though time changes me.

Faithful Love

We all face troubled times. It’s always worked best for me to turn to one only.

Keep her, O Lord,
Hold her to thy breast,
Feed her on thy word,
Bind her close in faithful love.

Take my heart, Prince,
Bring me peace through faith,
I only cope since,
Bind me close in faithful love.

Please Stay Strong

Meeting every day:
Always take a step,
Backwards and view it.

Living through each day,
Is the good work you,
Are detailed to do.

At the Suns falling,
Reflect – viewing all,
Please my love, stand tall.

How The Fir Tree Came To Be

This is an attempt at an old style origin story – like Rudyard Kiplings “How The Leopard Got His Spots” – but it’s similar in theme alone.

I’ve always seen fir trees as dark foreboding things and so decided it would be a good point to draw a fantastical poem from. I hope it is as enjoyable to read as it was to write.

There were two trees in the valley,
The Oak and the Birch.
The Oak stood strong and proud,
The Birch preened itself and spoke:
“Why,” swayed she “I am one to behold.”
“Why,” creaked the Oak “It cannot be told,
How foolish you are. My strength matters more”,
“Oh no no no,” rustled the Birch “strength makes you poor,
Beauty as alike to mine can only bring riches.”
“My dear, you are only rich in minerals.”

Two trees bickered in the valley,
The Oak and the Birch.
The Oak swayed proudly in strength,
The Birch whipped and wept for beauty.
Soon the sun swept South, “Stop.” spoke Oak,
“You have left welts, but we are kin-folk.
To shout in this way belittles our race.
Come, let us create a sapling with our shared face.”
“Gleeful do I take to this plan you have created,
We shall have a shared tree; with both strength and beauty.”

The Wind rushed through the valley,
And witnessed the birth,
Of a Fir to the Birch,
With the Oak gazing proudly.
“In your pride you have made a fall,
So in pride and dark shall be his all.
Fir shall have beauty and be strong in bough,
Winter never harm him, but he’ll be alone from now!”
This was the Winds curse upon Fir: king of dark forests,
He would have a lonely rule, surrounded by no friend.

Sing, Oh My Soul, Sing

This hymn is based upon several promises found throughout the Bible, including the greatest.

The Lord is good in all things,
Oh my soul, sing, sing,
He has giv’n you Eagles wings,
Sing, oh my soul, sing!

He has made a house for me,
Oh my eyes, see, see,
God himself has brought you free,
See, oh my eyes, see!

Thou art by my side, I know,
Oh my joy, glow, glow,
Thou hast made me white as snow,
Glow, oh my joy, glow!

Gods own Son born Christmas Day,
Oh my voice, pray, pray,
Gather round about his stay,
Pray, oh my voice, pray!

Son of Man for us to die,
Oh my feet, fly, fly
Come to He who rules on high,
Fly, oh my feet, fly!

When you have giv’n all your best,
Oh my soul, rest, rest,
Only when He ends the test,
Rest, oh my soul, rest.

From The Cup Of The Prince

A short verse this evening. Based around names from Isaiah and John, and thanks to the Lord.

I drink up the moments thou grantest me,
O, Prince of Peace, my Lord,
May rest everflow, from thy cup, so free,
O, Wonder, Living Word.

Policy In Life

Taking me from where I want to be,
Putting me down here, where I should be,
So there are no complaints,
We do the work as saints,
And give thanks that we are we.

Taking me from where I want to be,
Putting me down here, where I should be,
Now we do see the state,
We take glad to our fate,
And give thanks that we are free.

Thy Servant

King, I have asked and thou hast heard,
Thy servant calls thee by thy Word.

Though temptation coils round about,
Thou hast given the just amount.

Great thanks to thee, my saviour, Lord,
My foes have fallen by thy sword.

Ever Loving Care

Open my eyes,
Let me see,
How I owe,
It all to thee,
How thou held me,
In thine arms,
Far above,
Those worldy charms.

They did try to,
Snatch and tear,
Me from thy,
E’er loving care,
But who can reach,
Gods great might,
Surely none,
None have that right.