Hey Harry, From Andy

by sugarcoatedprincess

Why shouldn’t I,
Shouldn’t I be allowed,
To sing if I need to,
To sing if it needs to come out.

No it isn’t,
It isn’t easy being,
The runt of the herd,
The one they always run from,
They think we’re absurd, but I know,
Hey Harry,
You’re alright by me,
Let me sing and be your company,
Hey Harry.

Could be worse,
We could be dying,
But here we are,
Here we are a-crying,
I know it hurts,
It hurts to sit back,
To wait till it’s over,
Till they cut you some slack,
Hey Harry,
Keep up your bright smile,
If you stay strong you’ll last for a while,
Hey Harry.

Hey Harry,
Boy, we made it through,
After all this who knows what we can do,
Hope this finds you well,
In mind and constant thought you dwell,
From Andy.