The Bottomless Well

by sugarcoatedprincess

He is my well of strength,
There is no other here,
He draws the bucket up,
And calls me to come near,
I say “I lack the reach”,
In a most feeble tone,
His peacefulness stays clear,
He calls me once more home.

I cry “King, I am low,
And need to be upheld.
Will thou come and help me?
Draw close into this world?”
He brings the water down,
And lifting up my head,
Drips one and two droplets,
As he has clearly said.

No one else, I can thank,
Except the One above.
Wonderful, my master,
The manifest of love.
A never ending well,
Of kindness and of grace,
He keeps me moving on,
Till I must see his face.