Dawn Is Come, There Flies The Night

by sugarcoatedprincess

When I am troubled to the depths, Oh Lord,
And become so unassured,
Take me in thy loving hand,
Grant me time alone to think,
Of where it is I stand.

The Earth that thou hast made, and dwelt upon,
Has dwindled in love too long,
I hear talk all around me,
The elders speak of endings,
Days I never thought I’d see.

Give me power and love, and a sound mind,
Let me use the gifts I find,
For thy great work, thy good fight,
This ongoing war rises,
Dawn is come, there flies the night.

Soldiers cannot rest upon their orders,
While foes are at the borders,
Casting explosives of doubt,
Amidst civilians beds,
Rise up and chase them all out.