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Month: November, 2014

Replaced Addictions

Former alcoholic dips his tongue in water,
The flavoured water,
His savoured water.
One taste is never enough anymore,
He dreams of more,
He screams for more.

The scraggles of his tearing blue jeans,
Collect the dirt and mud from his floor,
Spreading it wherever he sits.
His shirt is slowly coming undone at the seams,
He’ll have to steal from another store,
As soon as this outfit splits.

The room around him is in a mess,
The table covered in open magazines,
Their flyers clipped for goods.
He’s waiting on a girl named Tess,
So up he stands and so he cleans,
Throwing out the rotting foods.

She comes, she comes knocking at his door,
Breathing smoke from all the chilled air outside,
Rubbing her hands till she gets in.
He greets her with hunger and implores,
That she refill his bottle, then he sighs,
In great relief, as hope fills the tin.

Former alcoholic dips his tongue in water,
The flavoured water,
His savoured water.
One taste is never enough anymore,
He dreams of more,
He screams for more.


The Storm

Collaboratively written by a friend and myself.

There was great calm when it was said,
Peace and be still you troubled sea,
So with me, my worries fled,
When I called to Thee, to Thee.

My Christ’s love I do sing in Psalms,
For when he died on that green hill,
He had made the storm a calm,
So that all the waves were still.

All anxieties that linger,
I give them to your grace, your will,
And as I go down to slumber,
I see that all the waves are still.

Thou hast loved me, Lord, from old,
This is all, my one great fear,
That my faith might lose its hold,
May I know that thou art near.

‘I will be with thee’ Thou hast said,
‘Be not afraid, my chosen child’,
On these words I rest my head,
And the storm turns calm and mild.

-Andrew Davies and Jessica Hart

A Meditation: On 1 Samuel 12:13 // Rather Pray When Offended //

Philos / Theo / Sophia

Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by ceasing to pray for you, and I will instruct you in the good and the right way” – 1 Samuel 12:23 (ESV)

I admire the way Samuel responded to Israel’s disobedience in their wish to have a mortal king like the rest of the nations. Samuel was merely fulfilling his duty to God when he conveyed the downside and the consequences of having a mortal king; yet he did not take Israel’s outright rejection of God’s commandment as an offence to his pride or ego and sulk over it. I’m inspired by the way Samuel chose to pray for them and intercede for them and still lead them in truth and obedience.

Have you been offended recently? In what way did you react to it?

I did it in the most regretful…

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Tales of the Road; Told No More

The tarmaccadam lies dead and shimmering,
Under wheels and in the lights of passing cars.
Stones that once lay in mountainsides now,
No longer roll, nor tell their tales no more.

A Short Thankful Prayer

O God, though I fail thee daily,
Thou art by my side alway,
And though I am found wanting,
It is through Jesus Christ I pray.

Dreams: A Palm Tree Summer

Rubbing their hands,
Holding their breath,
So the fire inside can’t escape.
Feeling too cold,
Shiver at home,
Dreaming of a far away Cape.

Waiting for a palm tree summer,
Even though they can’t stand the heat,
They’ll be disappointed, what a bummer,
But reality just won’t compete,
With an imagination.

Hey Harry, From Andy

Why shouldn’t I,
Shouldn’t I be allowed,
To sing if I need to,
To sing if it needs to come out.

No it isn’t,
It isn’t easy being,
The runt of the herd,
The one they always run from,
They think we’re absurd, but I know,
Hey Harry,
You’re alright by me,
Let me sing and be your company,
Hey Harry.

Could be worse,
We could be dying,
But here we are,
Here we are a-crying,
I know it hurts,
It hurts to sit back,
To wait till it’s over,
Till they cut you some slack,
Hey Harry,
Keep up your bright smile,
If you stay strong you’ll last for a while,
Hey Harry.

Hey Harry,
Boy, we made it through,
After all this who knows what we can do,
Hope this finds you well,
In mind and constant thought you dwell,
From Andy.

Sleepless Nights

Been and sighed,
Waited, lied,
Fought all the goodness away.
Fled and gone,
Done, undone,
Fell where the danger did lay.

Tiredness is no defence,
Against ravaging risks.
When you think it makes no sense,
Taking time to catch the fish.

Winter Is Coming To London

Moss thickens on the roof and in the garden.
Flowers stop growing as the ground begins to harden.
Chilled winds descend from populated hilltops.
Iced stones slyly trip wary travellers.
Salted tarmac cries into the night.
Winter has come to the city of London.


Today’s poem is a special occasion. For the first time a friend has written a poem specifically for my blog, but they do wish to remain anonymous! If anyone else wishes to write a poem for me to post I’d be more than happy to do that and, obviously, give them credit.

Today I went to the clouds,
I floated in and out,
Comparing shapes and fluffiness,
Size and overall happiness.