Little Blue Boy

by sugarcoatedprincess

Little boy blue,
What can you do,
She said your singing is cute,
And your guitar sounds like you’re blowing a flute.

Get up and out of your bed,
Speak and say what is inside your head,
Open and know that others share the same,
Tell them you love them, give yourself a name.

Cut your nails,
Pick up your strings,
Practice your craft,
See he who sings,
Lift your ears,
Make it so now,
Hear the notes float,
And the melody flow.

You cannot hide behind hands,
Hope was handed to you and expands,
Through the love of her, she who’s ahead,
Take care now, listen to all that she’s said.

Little blue boy,
Too old for toys,
You are wasting your days,
Just playing and casting your good skills away.