Looking Back/You Could Tell Them

by sugarcoatedprincess

When I have died,
And the cloak has fallen over my googling eyes,
You, personally, can tell them,
“He wasn’t really that fantastic at all”,
They may disagree, but if you’d look back and see,
You could, and would, notice many,
Of the so called successes were indeed,
One or two chances stuck together,
Stuck together by grated luck and a man in need,
Of great help by all those around him.

It’s something to behold,
The past.
What a treasure trove of accidental things,
Now it all seems like it was planned,
But certainly not by me, who stings,
In pain when told he only manned,
His body and his life,
It was never mine to have at all,
And now I’ve seen this factual point,
I’ve kicked the old bucket, pretty face and all.