From the Palace on the Hill

by sugarcoatedprincess

In the forframed view ahead,
I see the palace on the hill,
Shadowed deep within the smoke,
Of fires invading at will.

My red carriage awaits my call,
And now I blow the trumpet,
It races out to meet me,
As flames flicker around it.

Beaming down cobbled streetends,
We capture many a foe,
Using word and thought to tame,
They’re as peaceable as does.

Carrer urges the horses on,
Inward, upward to the castle,
Where a princess dear to me,
Stirs and prepares her vessel.

The ship is three masts taller,
Than any seen by us before,
As we arrive it is half made,
But is well built to its core.

Over months we sculpt a dream,
A beautiful boat built strong,
Worthy of the troubled sea,
The journey ahead will be long.

Filled to the brim with treasures,
Water, food, delicacies,
Ones who were once fierce fought foes,
Come aboard with specialities.

And so the grand ship Fullove,
Is ready to sail Life; the sea,
Off we head for unknown lands,
But always together we’ll be.