The Big Show!

by sugarcoatedprincess

“Welcome to the big show!”
The child spoke with pizazz,
Then turned to his mother,
His black hair bobbling with fizz,
“Momma, what does that mean?
I made it up, but don’t know at all.”
“Boy.” His mother made a simple statement,
“It is what you want, for you are small.”
“Oh, that is good to know.” Said boy,
“The slide is too big for me, but here,
Thoughts are freely to be sown about.
What a world we love. What a fair.”

Further in to London,
The mother sighs and dips,
Her shoulders down to her knees,
“You can’t buy a duck with chips!”
“But, it is what I want.”
Boy replied with confusion,
For hadn’t his mother told him all this,
And now here she was, in delusion,
So he explained as such, in words,
Simple enough for his mother too,
Yet still she persisted resistance,
How sad, he thought. Makes you feel quite blue.