The Crickets

by sugarcoatedprincess

Short story behind this even shorter poem: Ever since I was 15 (that’s 5 years ago now) I’ve wanted to be a song writer/lyricist and so I set about writing songs and lining up album tracks. I joined a band and learnt guitar, but things change and, after leaving my second band which held some great promises, I have now come to the first point in my life where I am not burning with desire for fame or money. I still love to write, as evidenced by this blog, but it’s become more a disciplined hobby than a dream I’m chasing. One note I must make; I used to adore The Beatles, I still quite like them.

Could’ve been a cricket copier,
Singing three part harmonies,
Stringing up my guitar as a dossier,
We couldn’t make it work,
We couldn’t make it work.

Could’ve chirped a cheerful chime,
Could you see me on the stage?
Was too shy to take a stand ahead of him,
Wasn’t meant to happen,
Glad it didn’t happen.