Sea Of The Troubled Mind

by sugarcoatedprincess

An older poem I wrote that I found whilst searching through notebooks. I always liked this one, because it used phrases and rhymes to emphasise points.

The sandy coloured crabs,
Scuttle left, right, round and round,
As the water laps at the sand,
And licks my naked toes.
It glitters silver blue,
Reflecting off the moon,
And the stars turn roundabout,
Shining green and red, white and gold.

The sun sets in a green flash,
With purple rays dancing round,
Whilst the waves smash themselves,
Against the sides of immovable giants,
The son of my father draws,
With a pen fashioned of trees,
Great oaks and firs were felled,
So he could sit and judge the sea.

Lightning flashes across my mind,
But nothing there follows,
For I have stolen the thunder,
Right from Zeus’ beard.
A boat is out upon that Great Lake,
But it is small and lost and gone,
So I let the sounds of screams,
Wash the happiness from my mind.

I stand, I turn, I walk away,
Walking round and round once more,
Turning forwards, backwards, here,
And suddenly,
All that needs to be known comes clear.
Both sides part, they step aside,
And let the truth glide through,
Then they fall around about,
And form a sea anew.