Walk To Where You Will

by sugarcoatedprincess

I do hope that those I talk to realise I wish them no harm. Sometimes they don’t want to listen, but mainly I think I say it all wrong!

A rack of unrepeatables came from his mouth, and I asked,
“Are you lost, friend?”
Another storm begins to brew and I quickly slam a hand to my mouth,
“Goodness! What a way to end.”
His head shifts to a tilted confusion as he puzzles my words,
“You see, man, I am keen,
That we both be friends, buddies, chums, but you are rude.
I would prefer you be seen,
And not heard if you are to continue in such the manner that you are.”
Opening his mouth an inch,
He tells me “Strange that you should want a friend so heavy tongued.
Is there a reason?”
“Why, yes yes. I wish to offer you service and help. That is,
If you will bear me a season?”

“If you are to help and guide,
Who am I to cast aside?”
I wish he would have said,
But this is not the path we led,
He said another word or three,
And walked to where he willed to be.