Have A Look Around You

by sugarcoatedprincess

Words can never come close to mountains,
They slip on the slightest blades of dewed grass,
To work in detail needed for fountains,
My. What kind of time do you have to spare?
On waters joyously overflowing,
Blue, bubbling, high above the marble square.

How to describe an eagle mid dive,
Without the use of physical figures?
To hatch a turn of phrase so apt; I strive.
An arrow launched from Robin’s willow bow.
Spear thrown high from the arm of Goliath.
None match that which nature daily can show.

Can you shine a torch on a Monarch’s wings?
Can you catch sunshine rippling from the stream?
Have you captured one song the blackbird sings?
If you could would you show Nature’s shining?
Please share what you have found with all of us,
Beauty such that God must do the fining.