What a Game!

by sugarcoatedprincess

Have you ever smelt the people;
Those who are passing by?
A deep breath from a metre,
You can tell, if you try:
What they have had for breakfast, lunch,
The tea they prefer, and,
Their dearest animals name;
From breath size of a hand.

Smell here. This one, for example,
Enjoys their cereal,
Fries their salmon so deeply,
The scent is bearable…
Of course it is not! No, no, no!
They reek of swathes of fish.
Do you expect good odour?
You are a special dish.

Shall we try you? Go on let’s try.
Ahah. Uhuh. Hmm. Why,
The first note I detected,
A small, dusty kind of sigh,
Tells me that books are in your life.
Second, more distressingly;
There is a hint of alone,
Which presses upon me.

I wish I could help you. What’s that?
Oh, you want to smell me?
Welcome to the joyful stench!
Hello? Hello! You’re free!
The aroma had you held well.
Down in its knockout dark,
And there I thought you would stay.
Ha! You’re good for a lark!