Letter On The Writers Desk

by sugarcoatedprincess

Letter, help me write these words,
I cannot seem to get them through,
My arm and out the pen’s thin nib,
Letter, guide me what to do.

Ink, run down and fast and thick,
Flow freely and form the words there,
The words that will never be said,
Ink, tumble, crow without care.

Pen, give me some space to move,
Give me direction, motive, use,
A clear purpose and energy,
Pen, tighten what is too loose.

Hand, please be steady,
Arm, hold on long,
Elbow, stationary,
Shoulder, do stay strong.

Mind, summon deep and clear words,
Make these rhythmic patterns magic,
Enchanting rhymes descend down,
Mind, take a route less tragic.

Eyes, take it in, discern faults,
Leave none untouched by your blue peek,
Let sea wash, but no colour drain,
Eyes, please find the joy you seek.