15 Minutes Of My Head

by sugarcoatedprincess

Legs are burnt from the inside,
I should not have run and run,
A break or a slower stride,
Could have saved this muscle gum.

Young heart is not what it could,
But then I work it hardly,
Exercise; something I should,
But, light of the screen, see.

A drop too much time in hand,
None taken up by work, yet,
If that were to change, understand,
I’d step up, give thanks, you bet!

In a week I will begin,
Now I’m watching a chess game,
It has only one man in,
The joy is from mind and name.

As I say, in one week, yes,
That is when it all will start,
The things I hope to address,
Is a job and seeming smart.

But right here I have minutes,
Before I am out again,
The chess has stopped for biscuits,
Got a little time for them.

A chocolate covered break,
Is such a sound, what a time,
I can see her here, she’ll take,
Say “Give it up, it is mine!”

I’m dropping down in gears now,
My mind has drooped to a sludge,
I have written seven, wow,
I would go on, but words trudge.

Goodbye goodbye, see you soon,
On Monday I hope to sit,
Get a cup of tea and spoon,
Stir and stir liquid and wit.