Reading In Measure, Parting With Pleasure

by sugarcoatedprincess

While dining on books the mind expands,
But on leisure something more it demands.
Such a struggle this sadly ensures,
Between lust and wanting to work on cures,
For the problem we each daily face,
To keep on going in a pointless race,
Or so we think that it is this way,
So of course we try to cheer up with play,
Nothing is wrong with having good times,
It is when it begins to rot the ties,
Of information and memory,
And the banks of such are set loose at sea,
We must watch what we do as a deer,
Flicking our head when danger draws too near.
Alas, none who read are always right,
Is that a reason to give up a fight?
No! Says you who can see past your nose,
And read into the message in these poems,
It is clear, it is clear, it is clear,
That something is coming it is so near,
Preparing your mind and your one soul,
I would say that should be a daily goal.