The Awakening

by sugarcoatedprincess

Awake, awake your tired head.
Open eyes. Pull back the covers.
Breathe in. One, two, three, and four.
Feet feel carpet that dawn smothers.
You can see the open window,
Why don’t you take a look outside?
Let your mind drift between the people.
Look to the heights, look out wide,
Do you still feel so important?
Doesn’t that lift a weight that did hang?
You can take a short moment to breath.
Think about the song a man sang.
Think about the words that are written.
The writer didn’t know what he’d done,
But somehow the words are woven,
And the ideas do stay true to one.
Awake, awake your tired eyes!
Bend, read, and believe what you read,
For it is as a tapestry of golden wire,
And joy permeates all hearts of lead.
The blue sky of the morning,
Shines sapphire all around us now.
Silver birches and dark green firs,
Sway to the wind. Oh, but how,
Shall it be when the world’s reborn?
This beauty I cannot imagine greater,
But it will, but it will, but it will,
And no, not too much later.