Changing Perspective

by sugarcoatedprincess

A spider with abdomen the colour of a buttercup,

Bit a banded yellow insect on the chance it wanted to sup’,

As the wasp lay crawling and dying from the savagery,

I knew who would laugh, but I could only feel a tragedy,

It is in times as this that I picked on the sadness around,

Ah, but no more do I dwell in wells of deep tears underground,

As now a man, that is a human, I see my way as clear,

Such like a rope being cast to me by a strongman, who’s dear,

A sunshine ray to my right and all I must do is go to,

Go to, go to, take the rope, and tie it to myself and do,

What I am asked and guided for. To climb up to the point,

Helping other strugglers along my narrow way. For they joint,

Deserve what I deserve, but have been blessed with a chance like me.