They Were Right

by sugarcoatedprincess

The forest of trees grow from the hillside as a moustache,

Honey bees fumble between the blossoms, adding to their stash,

A dog jumps and snaps at the air around them,

In pure panic stricken state they sting and tear their stem,

A woman jogs up, flaps her hands, and cradles her pet,

Too hard and curls the hooks in the deepest yet,

The pup yelps, but she kisses on unaware,

Picking up the dog, walks by a rose bush there.


A thorn, pricked, stands on its stem under light of manly creation,

Butterfly lands, brushes a petal, but ’tis only a flirtation,

Beautiful nature isn’t always the example to follow,

Myself I’ve found it a touch too hollow,

Preferring rather to turn an eye upwards in my dealings,

Truth, often I have stumbled and fell on others feelings,

Oh, and how, how they have bitten,

And scratched and smote and written,

Tougher words, with reason that I could not rebuke,

They were right, they were right, they were right.