Brown Muddy River

by sugarcoatedprincess

Sitting in a cafe I been coming to for years,

People’s churning laughter burning through my ears,

Driving through the smoke broiling from my tea,

Brown muddy river come on cover me.

The lover I been seeing I can’t see no more,

‘Stead of looking at this man I should be heading for the door,

Fool that I am, fools that we are,

Can’t seem to bring myself to feel any more.

Take a ten minute steps down the road,

Through the darkness green eyes glowed,

We been warned there’s a danger of death,

Still we drive on and on none the less.


When you see a person, drowning in their blues,

Take a two minutes more to walk a mile in their shoes.


My throat’s dry, my lips are chapped,

No one spares me saving grace, all goodness stopped,

No one gives two damns, no one throws a line,

E’ryone goes on a-driving, everything is fine.

One man stops and drops three coins,

People call hallelujah and cover up their loins,

Misinterpretation of a simple situation,

Ambition driving them above their station.

Step back to the cafe I been going to for years,

Feeling the warmth flow around my ears,

Fool that I was, fools that we were,

All I ever needed was here.