Besooted With Her

by sugarcoatedprincess

She lights up like a candle, Like a wick before a flame,
Calls me such a handle, Loves to hear her name.

She carefully feigns an act, Of over simplicity,
We all know for a fact, Doesn’t have to be.

Taken as the firstborn child, In Wisdoms gaze she has grown,
It seems before she smiled, Joy I did not know.

A blessing unto our time, A gift from the hand of He,
Was never made to climb, But to hear and see.

Staying with her is no fete, She is slow and warm, not cold,
Unsteady on her feet, I catch her and hold.

Flowers are compared to her, Flowing verse is nay enough,
Love struggles not to stir, Be it young and rough.

I forget she’s seventeen, And freedom is some way off,
But love seems like a dream, A crest, never trough.

In will, heart, soul, body, mind, She relaxes and is strong,
Better I could not find, If I searched so long.

She is my wish, my hero, She is my whole completion,
Lifts me higher and, oh, Feeds pure elation.

Love like this is dreamed upon, By kings and queens and poorer,
All troubles are now gone, Truth, I adore her.